C4 Authentic Big Gold

In Honour of Victor Ortiz

Reviving a Legacy

In the realm of fine craftsmanship, C4 Authentic Belts stands as a beacon of silversmith and saddlery excellence. Distinctly separate from commonplace methods like zinc processing, acid etching, and nickel plating, we tread a path paved by the legacy and unparalleled artistry of Victor Ortiz and the original artisans of the legendary Big Gold Belt.

Gifted with an extravagant budget for its time, the Big Gold Belt remains Victor Ortiz's magnum opus, crafted with the Reno Team. Every technique, each stroke of genius, encapsulated the zenith of engraving and engineering craftsmanship. In a world awash with mechanized replicas, the original's brilliance remained unparalleled—until the arrival of our recreation.

The artistry and techniques Victor championed seemed lost with his passing in 2007. Yet, with dedication and collaboration with the Ortiz family, the C4 Team spent four painstaking years resurrecting these skills—ensuring Victor's unparalleled legacy continues.

Our materials speak of quality and tradition: German Silver, revered in craftsmanship circles, forms the heart of our creations. Every letter is meticulously hand-cut, with the finest textures and detailing, reflecting true mastery in design and execution.

Yet, our expertise isn't confined to metals. In Melbourne, Australia, we've entrusted our leatherworks to the skilled hands of Mal Byrne and Sam Larosa. Each piece, from the Double Saddlery Leather to the precision stitching with Italian tiger thread, speaks of quality and finesse. And as a final touch, your Big Gold Belt is presented in a velvet bag, encased in a bespoke padded aluminium case—waiting for its moment of revelation...

Customize Your Legacy

Choose from our two exquisite types of custom nameplates, each crafted with precision and detail, to make your Big Gold Belt uniquely yours.


Held by legends

  • Sting

    “Wow. This is amazing... I love how you got the white correct. Nobody ever gets that right.”

  • Scott Steiner

    "You know I had the original at my place for years... Can you make me one?”

  • Jeff Jarrett

    “This is Badass! Does Conrad know about this?”

Promoter, podcaster, Owner of the original big gold

Conrad Thompson

"You nailed this. I've seen many big golds but this takes the cake! I'm privileged to own the original, and seeing them side-by-side is like a before and after, 1986 and 2021."