Our story

From the artistry of the Original Big Gold's Master Engraver to the familial bond of brotherhood in craft, our journey encapsulates a cherished legacy. With C4 Authentic Belts, a new chapter in this storied tradition unfolds.


Victor Ortiz

Born on May 8th, 1944, Victor Ortiz emerged as the master engraver and visionary artist of the Original Big Gold, an integral figure of the esteemed Reno Team. As the third in a family of nine—comprising three brothers and six sisters—Victor embarked on his engraving apprenticeship at a tender age of 13. By 20, he proudly owned his engraving shop. Following the passing of his father in 1967, Victor journeyed to Tijuana, collaborating with his elder brother Francisco, another gifted silversmith. This led him to Los Angeles, where he showcased his prowess as a hand engraver for a notable saddle company, eventually ascending to lead their silversmith division. In a serendipitous turn, he was scouted by Charles 'Charly' Crumrine, taking him to Santa Ana, California. Ultimately, his journey culminated in Reno, Nevada, where in 1985, he meticulously crafted the Big Gold.

Victor's legacy came to a somber pause on January 30th, 2007. Leaving behind his beloved wife Maria, daughter Nancy, and son Victor Jnr, he remains immortalized as an adored son, brother, husband, father, grandfather, and much more.


Roberto Ortiz

Brother to Victor Ortiz, Roberto Ortiz carved his own path as a masterful engineer, engraver, and silversmith. Initially mentored by Victor, and subsequently by Victor's esteemed colleagues, Roberto's journey was rooted in their hometown of Guadalajara. As he furthered his education, Roberto distinguished himself by obtaining an industrial engineering degree from the University of Guadalajara. Upon graduation, he ascended to leadership roles, becoming a production manager and consultant for prominent western buckle manufacturers.

Roberto not only preserved the familial artistry but also pioneered "Laramie," a revered name in the rodeo buckle industry. Marking an impressive 45-year tenure as engineers, the Ortiz legacy flourished under Roberto's direction. Intriguingly, throughout these accomplishments, Roberto remained largely unaware that just a country apart, his brother Victor had crafted one of the world's most iconic wrestling belts in 1985.


Roberto Ortiz Today

Nearly four decades after the Big Gold's inception, our pursuit led us to Roberto Ortiz, who gracefully accepted the mantle as the Master Silversmith and Engineer for C4 Authentic Belts. While we were armed with extensive research, technology, and prototypes from our initial replicas, the masterful touch of a true rodeo silversmith remained elusive – until destiny intervened. Through a serendipitous encounter with Mike Pardue, a revered Texan silversmith, I was introduced to a craftsman he vouched for unequivocally: Roberto. The revelation of the surname "Ortiz" was an electrifying hint of the potential treasure we had uncovered.

Upon sharing our research with Roberto, an intriguing revelation ensued. He recognized the belt's design, though unaware of its iconic status. And when discrepancies arose in the design dimensions, Roberto's confidence in his measurements, reminiscent of his brother's expertise, solidified our belief in this destined partnership. To enlighten him, we shared the remarkable journey of Victor's creation, illustrating how it evolved into one of wrestling's most coveted symbols. We gifted Roberto and his sons, Paul and Danny, with copies of the Big Gold Book (Bourne, 2014), helping them grasp the monumental impact of Victor's artistry.

In collaboration with C4, the Ortiz family's timeless artistry is once again shared globally. But beyond the craft, it's a heartfelt tribute to Victor's legacy, passionately carried forward by Roberto and his skilled sons, Danny and Paul.


Paul and Danny Ortiz: Uniting the Past with the Present

From left: Paul, Roberto, Alicia and Danny Ortiz

With Paul and Danny Ortiz at the helm, flanked by their father Roberto, and under the watchful eye of matriarch Alicia, we've seamlessly melded the seasoned artisanship of the Ortiz legacy with the innovative prowess of C4. This synergy not only enabled us to meticulously resurrect every facet of the iconic belt but also became a heartfelt tribute. Each intricate detail stands as a testament to the Ortiz family's deep reverence for Victor and his enduring impact on the global stage. We're profoundly privileged to have the Ortiz lineage as an integral part of C4 Authentic Belts.


C4 Authentic Belts


At the heart of C4 lies the bond of family: Colin, Cici, Christina, and Catherine. A name steeped in familial love, C4 endeavors to serve every family associated with us with the same fervor. Our innate kinship with the Ortiz Family was a natural progression of this ethos. Through dedicated research, global manufacturing expertise, relentless pursuit of continuous improvement, quality assurance, and strategic marketing, we, in unison with the Ortiz lineage, have painstakingly revived the splendor of the Big Gold. Its legacy, now meticulously reimagined, awaits its place in homes across the globe."

United Kingdom

Our journey is enriched by our collaboration with the United Kingdom's Daniel Ripley. It was through his platforms, DRip Belts and the Beltmasters on Facebook and Instagram, that we first forged ties with the Wrestling Belt Community. Beyond this pivotal introduction, Daniel's expertise shines in crafting custom cuts for our non-standard leather straps, exemplifying world-class craftsmanship.


The Big Gold demands nothing less than the pinnacle of Saddlery Leather for its strap, echoing the craftsmanship of Harris leather in 1985. At C4, we transcend conventional re-leathering to embrace world-class saddlery for our strap creation. Our most recent evolution has welcomed the esteemed talents of Mal Byrne and Sam Larosa from Melbourne, Australia, into the C4 Business Family.


C4 Family Tributes

A heartfelt gratitude is extended to my father, Van Xuan Nguyen. Our shared moments discussing this project brought us closer, and in his enduring business spirit, he chose to invest in our venture, marking it as the last investment in his long and successful business career.

My elder brother, Hoang Nguyen, whom we tragically lost on December 19th, 2022, was the first within our family to truly understand and appreciate the significance of the belt. His passing deepened our resolve to revive Victor's legacy. This journey, which Roberto and I embark upon, is not just about craft and creation, but also a reflection, a moment to look back and cherish memories of our dear brothers who left us too soon.


— Colin Nguyen, Founder of C4 Authentic Belts