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C4 Authentic Belts

Jeweler Silversmith Big Gold Belt

Jeweler Silversmith Big Gold Belt

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C4 Authentic Belts don't just recreate; we breathe life into world-class silversmithing, saddlery, and leather craftsmanship. Our processes are galaxies apart from the common methods of zinc crafting, acid etching, CNC manipulation, or nickel plating. Instead, we take inspiration from the legendary Big Gold Belt, celebrating the masterful hand of Victor Ortiz and the original team behind its creation.

The original Big Gold Belt was a testament to limitless passion and resources. Victor Ortiz, the original master engraver and engineer, alongside the Reno Team, transformed it into an unparalleled masterpiece, employing every exquisite engraving and engineering technique at their disposal. Regrettably, since Victor's passing in 2007, these intricate skills lay dormant, with only machine-made replicas shadowing the belt's majesty.

However, the C4 Team, with unwavering dedication and in collaboration with Victor’s family—Roberto Ortiz and his sons—spent four years resurrecting Victor’s techniques. After countless cycles of research, trial, error, and refinement, we've been successful in preserving Victor’s legacy for the world to cherish.

Our choice of materials pays homage to silversmith traditions. We employ German Silver—a material long believed to be the essence of the original Big Gold. Each letter and design element is meticulously hand-carved, bevelled, and braised onto the plates, with the intricate chevron texturing concealing the joints. All other elements mirror Victor's techniques—casting, braising, and riveting. Every plate undergoes a rigorous electroplating process, enveloped in luxurious silver and 24k gold.

The leatherwork, an integral component of our belts, comes from the adept hands of our C4 Team, including the renowned saddler, Mal Byrne of Mal Byrne Performance Saddlery, and leather expert, Sam Larosa of Larosa Leather Goods, both based in Melbourne, Australia. Utilizing Double Saddlery Leather—a pairing of two front leather pieces—we ensure the strap is fully finished, undyed, and retains its natural grain. Every step, from die-cutting to assembly, prioritizes precision and quality. The stitching employs the finest Italian grey, waxed tiger thread, and our snaps are of military grade, ensuring longevity and resilience.

In essence, our Big Gold Belt isn't just a product—it's an experience, a story, and a testament to the pinnacle of craftsmanship. The belt remains pristine and unfolded throughout our meticulous process. Only at the final stage, before it's entrusted to you, do we gently fold it, cradling it in a velvet bag and housing it in a custom-made padded aluminium case.

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