After 37 years, Roberto Ortiz & Sons, in collaboration with C4 Authentic Belts, have meticulously recreated every facet of the piece fondly dubbed "Victor's Belt" in tribute to Victor Ortiz. The original, having been granted an unlimited budget, allowed Victor unparalleled freedom—resulting in an exquisite blend of engraving, texturing, sculpting, and lettering. Such unique craftsmanship and the sheer opulence rendered the belt nearly irreplaceable.

The rope border, traditionally layered atop sterling silver buckles for added thickness, was in this instance braided along the plate edges, highlighting the abundant use of silver. Each letter is meticulously hand-carved from a singular, continuous piece of metal. Together with the globe and crown, they are seamlessly attached to the plates, making the intricate details unparalleled by modern technology or any other craftsman.

The original curve, controversial in its prototype stage due to its deviation from the belt's aged and worn appearance after 37 years, has been accurately replicated, presenting the belt in its most authentic and immaculate state.

Recreating each element demands not just the skills of a Master Silversmith but also a profound connection to the belt and its maker. In Roberto's words: "I am not just a person who could do this, I am 'the' person to do this," and we concur wholeheartedly.

The C4 Authentic Big Gold is forged from German Silver, generously electroplated in both Silver and 24k Gold, and embellished with Rodeo Stone Jewels. As premier silversmiths, we also offer a version crafted in Solid Sterling Silver and Gold upon request.

The leather strap, crafted by the esteemed Saddler Mal Byrne and Leather Engineer Sam Larosa, boasts the finest quality Bridle Leather, complemented with Stainless Steel Snaps and Chicago Screws, modeled to perfectly match the original. Custom cuts and television-ready effects are managed by Daniel Ripley.